Car Bodies / Scrap Vehicles

If you are looking to scrap a used vehicle, we do buy car bodies.  To sale a vehicle for scrap, you must have the title to the car in your name and it needs to be signed in the proper locations.  The gas tank needs to be emptied and punctured. The battery needs to be removed and can be sold separately.  To get full car body pricing, the vehicle must have the motor and transmission present..  

Scrapping a car with no title:
If you do not have the title to the vehicle, follow the steps below to obtain a Nonrepairable Vehicle Title.

1. Click on this link "VTR441" and print the application or go to any of our yards to get an application.
2. Fill out the application and sign it.  Be sure to select "Nonrepairable Vehicle Title" in the top right-hand corner of the application..
3. Make out a personal check, money order or cashier's check to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.  Do not send cash.
4. Mail the application to the following:
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, Vehicles Titles and Registration Division
Attn: Title Control Systems
P.O. Box 26450
Austin, TX  78755-0450

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